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The Power of Brevity

A powerful lesson to learn: the power of brevity. I’ve been writing, off and on, my whole life. The entire time I have had an issue with brevity, concision, pithiness… ← lol.. I just love to explain. I am pretty sure it comes from two sources within me, at least: my desire to communicate the […]

Podcast: The School of Greatness

About a month ago I went on a Bumble date. For those of you who don’t know what Bumble is, it is basically the same thing as Tinder, except the women have to message you first. Basically less work for the guy   The date went great. The girl was rad. We geeked out over fav […]

Richest Man In Babylon, George S. Clason, Powerbook Review

Hello friends! The Richest Man In Babylon is an awesome short book and definitely worthy of our repeated attention, and a Powerbook Review! For a short and concise video version, check this baby out! But for a more in depth review, read on! This book is more valuable than gold. I am going to tell you […]

A Journey Grows Up

Hello everyone. I enjoy growing, and helping others grow equally. One day I thought to myself “What if I could infinite loop that shit”. In other words, what if I could grow from helping others grow and that would in turn help me grow to be able to help others grow… infinite looooop. Beautiful idea, […]