Minimalism Vlog #2 – It’s cold, but i’m having fun

Day 5. Certainly not as comfy as house life, definitely colder without the ease of central heating at the touch of a button. But hey, it’s El Niño and smack dab in the middle of winter. What can you expect? I had fun tonight hanging out at my favorite bar with my friends, then quickly […]

Minimalism Vlog #1 – Moving in to the RV

About a few months ago I had an internal existential crisis. I thought to myself “I’ve surrounded myself with all of this awesome technology, spending thousands upon thousands, and yet I have very little time or money to spend seeing the people I love or doing the things I really want to do.” In between […]

Richest Man In Babylon, George S. Clason, Powerbook Review

Hello friends! The Richest Man In Babylon is an awesome short book and definitely worthy of our repeated attention, and a Powerbook Review! For a short and concise video version, check this baby out! But for a more in depth review, read on! This book is more valuable than gold. I am going to tell you […]

A Journey Grows Up

Hello everyone. I enjoy growing, and helping others grow equally. One day I thought to myself “What if I could infinite loop that shit”. In other words, what if I could grow from helping others grow and that would in turn help me grow to be able to help others grow… infinite looooop. Beautiful idea, […]

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