I am a Feminist.

“I am a Feminist.” I love to say that at parties. It always throws people off. I get a mix of responses when I follow it up with silence on my part. They’ll say “What? But you’re a guy…” or “LOL GAY” or just nothing at all and they’ll let their silence communicate how weird […]

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice? Neither… I am Pro-Education.

I am fortunate to have a few friends who I can really talk to. I call it “Real Talk” or “Real Shit”. Really stimulating and thought provoking talk. One subject which I have thought on for many years to figure out where I stood was on the subject of abortion. Pro-Life or Pro-Choice? I am […]

February Minimalism Masters Award: Jenna and Guillaume of Tiny House Giant Journey!

SO I am going to start a new ongoing monthly post called the Minimalism Master Award series! It’s a pretty simple concept: some radical peeps I find online who are doing Minimalism the RIGHT way! February’s (and the first) Minimalism Master Award goes to: Jenna and Guillaume (and Salies, the dog) of Tiny House Giant […]

ReBlog: No end-zone to the friend-zone

This post (Commentary: No end-zone to the friend-zone) is a powerful article that touches on a subject I feel particularly strongly about: the epidemic in male culture that the end goal of socializing with women is sex. This is a particularly hot subject in Los Angeles because it is a literal fact that, most likely due […]

Minimalism Vlog #3: Paradigm Limits

Tonight I had an interesting train of thought that I want to share with you all and get your thoughts on. It’s about the paradigm(s) that we compare ourselves to. How we determine the value of any piece of data is to compare it to another piece of data. This is how we assign value […]

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