Alex Vineyard

Far more interesting to me is the endless stories and brilliant minds in the world that I have yet to explore, so I will not labor here, going on about myself and my history. I’ll just sum-things up for you.

I was born in Bellevue, Washington (state) and shortly thereafter moved to an island off the coast of Seattle (Whidbey). There I spent my childhood, mostly outside amongst the dirt, trees and water, ever seeking another adventure, which though without there wasn’t much going on in reality, inside my mind great adventures, tragedies and hero’s battled to express themselves via the grit under my fingernails and the scrapes on my knees.

Around the time I came upon my teens, we moved inland into Seattle suburbia. A town called Issaquah. Here, I swang back and forth between homeschooling, private schooling and tutors. At the time, I sort of hated this, wanting to be more like my friends, who went to the same school every day, and played the same games. I felt like an outcast. I was.

Later, I realized that this foundation was a catalyst, helping me form who I am today. I would say that the three main virtues I seek to live by are Growth, Compassion and Minimalism. When I moved to LA… WOW. Did I have a sandbox or what. All different kinds of people, cultures, ideas, concepts, battles… you name it, LA has it. Though I didn’t realize it right away, I knew that the city would either break me or make a man out of me.

Well the jury is still out on that, but no doubt in that I have grown much by what this place has taught me, and I can say without doubt that I am grateful.

As I roll into my 30’s now, I am seeking to live more sustainably, both in the physical sense and in a mental sense as well. With focus comes clarity. Part of this is my path into the world of Minimalism and the freedom that it brings. Soon, this freedom will allow me much more travel.

So here I am today, reaching beyond the walls of my home, of my city, out to the world, to see how many other brilliant minds, whether self-aware of their power or not, I can connect with. And in such a great union, see what incredible things can be accomplished.

I’ll end with a toast:

To learning, to growing, to experiences, to critical thinking, to compassion,