Waking Wisdom!

Waking Wisdom!

Hi everyone! For any of you that don’t know, most mornings I post some short vids to my social media channels I like to call Waking Wisdom!

They’re simply a short inspirational message in the morning to start your day off right, often with a dose of humor mixed in, by yours truly.

Some of the quotes and their authors I have shared:

  1. “[My definition of greatness is] hearing your truth and speaking it no matter how shakey your voice is.” -Mel Robbins
  2. “Adventures only happen to the adventurous!” -Unknown Wise Man
  3. “Your mind must arrive before your life does. Belief must come before you enjoy results.” -Lewis Howes
  4. “A good poop always proceeds a good coffee. A good day always starts after a good poop.” -Aristotle

If you like to start YOUR day with positivity, while your sipping your coffee, on the toilet or otherwise, check out my social channels!

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Here’s a recent waking wisdom post:



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