Inner God: The Ultimate Truth

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Inner God: The Ultimate Truth

For the last couple of years I’ve spent more time in introspection than I ever have in my life, trying to figure out my purpose and where I want to take my life. Recently I have answered several big questions, and I want to share one particular viewpoint with you: Inner God.

First, let me explain a bit of how I got to this concept I call Inner God:

For most of my life I have been very curious about the big existential questions: what is my purpose, what is the purpose of life, where did we come from… and so on. I think everyone, as kids, wonders these things, but as life progresses, they either give upon them, or they answer them with someone else’s limiting viewpoint, or they get some sort of limiting religious viewpoint that gives them all the answers and they think they have it all squared away by assigning responsibility or judgement to something greater than them.

Even outside of religion, in spirituality, or even in science, people keep seeming to assign their responsibility, their successes, their failures, their abilities etc. to someone or something else outside of themselves. This always bugged me. But, being a tolerant kid, I sought to understand why, rather than to criticize; for criticism and looking down on others for things you disagree with will simply block out all the curiosity your mind could have for that area, and thus blocks all understanding.

So I kept on trying to understand the psychology, the history, the reasoning of human beings and the use that they have had for religion. Or more broadly, this fascination with assigning so much of their life to some power or intelligence they feel is greater than themselves.

In my studies and my curiosity in conversations with people whom I both respected and didn’t respect at all, I started to understand what the history, and purposes, of religion must have been through the ages. From what I can gather, religion was created, originally anyway, to provide three main things: A sense of community for the tribe, a belief and rule system the tribe could base their decisions and judge individuals actions against, and lastly, a way to make sense of the unexplainable.

Now if you look at those things as themselves, don’t they all sound very reasonable? Afterall, the larger the tribe became, the more crucial each and every one of these three societal constructs became.

  1. Community brings people closer together so they can get along better, move forward faster and make more babies.
  2. A belief and rule system also benefited everyone in the same ways while also giving more power and leadership to a select few, or one, strong leader, whom in a good system, was able to guide and move the tribe, as a whole, forward faster than if they were all acting alone.
  3. And summing up the mystical things and assigning their creation or their power to something greater than yourself made everyone worry less and focus more on the practical things of life.

Just like any form of government, this type of early religion wasn’t perfect, but neither is present day religions, democracies or other forms of government.

Now let’s look at what so many people consider is the opposite of religion: Science. I love science and scientific progress. Education and it’s improvement and pervasive growth through our entire planet is a huge purpose of mine. That being said, I believe our scientific progress has gone far further ahead than the progress of the humanities and the understanding of ourselves, who we are, what we’re made of and where we came from.

When I step back and look at all of these large elements of our present day societies: religion, government, science, education, I notice one very large, glaring oddity: we have made great progress in so many subjects WITHOUT ourselves, and so very little progress WITHIN ourselves.

Most people on this planet believe in god in some form or another. Many people following religions define God as a being without a body that is omnipotent, omniscient and the reason for and cause of everything. Many people say things like “When you define your dreams and goals, the universe will work with you to make them happen”, referring to the universe as a whole as something that has some intelligence and power. And even some people believe there is intelligence, soul, spirituality in the very earth itself, and all the parts of it; it’s rocks, rivers, dirt and oceans, or Mother Earth, Gaia, residing at the core of our planet, and connected to each one of us.

We can argue til the end of time which religion is right, which philosophy best, which government less or more corrupt… but what’s the point? I prefer instead to let everyone have their truth how they like it, live and let live, while seeking to define for myself all of these questions about life and the world around us.

Noticing every year, more and more, that the truth always seems to end up being simple, and also noticing that I tend to learn more when I look into people and into myself, than I do when I look outward at the world and it’s elements, problems and ideas, I spent some time, the past couple years or so, reading, studying, thinking and meditating on the subject of self. Real Introspection.

About a month ago I decided on the truth for myself. And ever seeking pithy simplicity in everything, I define this truth in two simple words:


Inner God


Definition of Inner God: We are all gods. God being all powerful, all knowing energy, or life force in it’s purest form. Immortality, perfection, purity. The pure truth of self we all are. We must find this pure, immortal self by looking in, rather than looking out. And by looking in, we will all discover that we are all connected. And in this connection, we are all one being, one connected mass of intelligence.

So, in reality, millions of people are not really all that far off: God is an all powerful, all knowing, perfect, pure, non-physical being which created this entire physical universe and can create or destroy at will.

However, just one difference: God is not a being separate from us. God IS US. God is us as a whole.

But, the problem: How could all this be true when it is so very obvious the world is so fucked up, so damaged, with people that are all over the map of selfish to selfless, from pure compassion to pure evil?

My theory on this, again, is simple: Something happened in the far past which disconnected and divided us, and lowered/limited our consciousness. Now, we are fighting to find our way back to a whole.

Like all my theories, I only put as much thought and importance on it as it serves me and helps me grow and become more useful to others. So I only dwell on this theory of original division occasionally, and otherwise don’t give it much energy. I am certain that some day it will become priority to think on this with much energy, but until then, this theory serves it’s purpose to make sense of much.

And, like all my theories, ideas, beliefs, opinions etc., I am always willing to be wrong. Aristotle: the ability to entertain a thought without accepting it is the mark of an educated man. Or woman.

So there you have it. My purpose: to help everyone find their Inner God, and in doing so, become the full truth of themselves, so they can reconnect with God, the fullness and oneness of us all.

The ultimate end goal of this purpose would be God in it’s full definition, all of us united as a whole, pure intelligence once again. Will that ever happen? I have no idea. After all, aren’t absolutes, at least on the non-finite scale, impossible? That wouldn’t be a bad thing, in my opinion, as it means I will be able to have fun executing my purpose to the benefit of everyone, forever. Which must be the definition of the highest order of happiness and fulfillment.

PS, let my silly Einstein hair pic serve as proof that I am just as silly and grounded as I am deep and cerebral. If a stupid picture of wild hair can do such a thing.



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