I am a Feminist.

I am a Feminist.

“I am a Feminist.”

I love to say that at parties. It always throws people off. I get a mix of responses when I follow it up with silence on my part. They’ll say “What? But you’re a guy…” or “LOL GAY” or just nothing at all and they’ll let their silence communicate how weird they think I am.

But then, I get some real people, who understand what I mean, or at least are curious. Some of them smile and say something like “Oh really? Why?” or “How” etc.

Why? Because inside, we have no gender. We’re all people, all with our own goals and dreams.

Personally I believe we really are something other than our bodies, not bound by this physical universe. When people ask me for proof, I just say “things bound by one universe entirely cannot conceive or create that which is beyond their own. But we do this every day.” Still that’s not something most people agree with me on or want to even think about.

But Whatever you believe the truth is simply that we are all human beings, no matter if we have a cock of a vag.

And I love every cock and vag out there, no matter what gender identity you identify with.

Cheers to all the bosses out there! Happy international women’s day!



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