Minimalism Vlog #3: Paradigm Limits

Minimalism Vlog #3: Paradigm Limits

Tonight I had an interesting train of thought that I want to share with you all and get your thoughts on. It’s about the paradigm(s) that we compare ourselves to.

How we determine the value of any piece of data is to compare it to another piece of data. This is how we assign value and evaluate and compare things to other things, no matter what they are.

This applies to people too, it applies to your life and who you are. You have to compare your life with something else to determine its value.

What happened to me is that, as I have been living here in my motorhome, I have several times so far laid down in my bed and just suddenly laughed at myself and said “What the fuck am I doing! Am I going crazy?!

But what I realized is that, it’s this paradigm concept: why would I ask myself that question? No really, why would that thought have popped into my head? I realized it was because I was judging myself against what this set paradigm I already had in my mind of what a “normal person” is, does, has, lives etc.

So then I thought, well let’s just theoretically take this position I am in right now and think “What if this, how I am living now, was the norm?” What if we had a culture where millions or billions of people… or hell even a small culture like thousands or hundreds of people, lived a lifestyle of travel, worked from the road, and enjoyed living a minimalistic, light, and more free life?

Well we all can guess the answer to that and what that would mean. The truth is that you shouldn’t judge yourself off a paradigm that doesn’t make sense. You shouldn’t base your viewpoints, thoughts, ideas, habits or life off a narrow concept meant for someone else or some other time.

Instead, my opinion anyway, you should have a fluid, growing and expanding understanding of life, it’s marvels and it’s excitement, understanding people and their ways and expanding your mind from what you learn, so that you can define your own paradigm. That’s pretty much just a long winded way to say: find yourself, define yourself, don’t try to just fit in to something predefined already.

Just by this line of thinking you can make amazing, significant changes within your mind and yourself that you never thought were possible before, and that will open the door to larger things and more control in the physical world around you as well.

Everything starts from within and, if you push hard enough, will grow in the real world. But nothing can really grow outside of you unless you are big, smart, wise, compassionate and curious enough to handle it from within first.

I know this might all sound deep or hippie or whatever, but don’t just write it off. Give it some thought. It really is powerful.

Hope that got some people thinking and maybe even helped some peeps!

Goodnight everybody.



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