A Journey Grows Up

A Journey Grows Up

Hello everyone.

I enjoy growing, and helping others grow equally. One day I thought to myself “What if I could infinite loop that shit”. In other words, what if I could grow from helping others grow and that would in turn help me grow to be able to help others grow… infinite looooop.

Beautiful idea, isn’t it? That was about eight years ago. Since then, I have had my ups and downs, but about 4 years ago, the twists, turns, forks in the road and decisions I made led me to one critical turning point of my life: I read my first non-fiction book just because I wanted to, not for any other purpose, like school, or work.

After the first one, I read another one that the first had suggested. Then read one from the same author. And a snowball effect occurred, not just in the case of the books, but in my own mind as well.

I had always had an urge, a desire, a fire inside me, but it lacked purpose, direction, dedication, focus.

I believe the cliche that life is a journey, and I also believe that so is learning and growing. Just the same as our physical universe depends on motion to exist, learning never ends for those that understand that life depends on forward mental cognition to exist.

And so I am here, having learned how to get past mental pubescence, and finally put purpose to my fire: to help grow the awareness, ability and power of everyone I can, and personally benefit and rise with them in the process.

On this journey, the first outlet I decided to pursue is a series of short YouTube non-fiction book reviews. I want to spread the word about the amazing books I have read to help others also discover and grow from them. The first video, which I am currently editing and will be posting soon, is a review of the timeless, short and sweet The Richest Man In Babylon. It was one of the very first non-fiction books I read and covers concepts of finance and money I am quite passionate about.

In the future, I have ideas to create further playlists on my YouTube channel, and may also create a podcast series as well. But I will always come back here to do one thing I will always love: write my ass off.

When I have a large enough audience, perhaps I will publish something as well…

So read, listen and watch on my fellow star gazers and big thinkers. Our power grows in growing inpidually and uniting our greatest gift: our minds.





Waking Wisdom!

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